Here is some of my own art work of the characters in my book with a little profile on each character (only a little as book two brings so much to all my characters and i don't want to give too much away or spoil it foor those yet to read book 1). So now you can see them as i do.  i hope you enjoy:

Princess Beau

Princess Beau...

The main fairy who is yet to earn her wings and her colour a typical 13 year old fairy who sulks and strops but soon has to grow up once she is sent on the quest that will change her life forever 

Prinve Avery

Prince Avery

Heir to the throne in Dahleigh and Beau's older brother who like nothing more than to tease his little sister. Being air to the throne he is Silver so has all the magical powers in Dahleigh ..... Well he's meant to have??

Nee the Unicorn


Beaus chaperon until the day of the quest, a gentle natures unicorn who has looked after generations of the kings and queens in Dahleigh ....

Bertie the Tapir


A Little Tapir that is sent to Dahleigh with two children to help Beau on her quest.  Hes a very loving gentle animal but does have a very grumpy and secretive side ... hmmm i wonder?

Geb the Troll??


A grumpy but very loveble troll that spends his time trying to sell junk from his coat.  The first of the many Mythical creature Beau and her entourage meet on her quest. 

Veli the Troll??


Geb's companion? although he rolls his eyes at Gebs' sales antics they are very close. Veli is a very soft and gentle troll who loves to play the guitar which he guards with his life.

KC the little Pixie


The little pixie they find along the way who has lost her sister.  She is still very young and very cute but boy for something so little she sure can make up for it in noise!!!

Doris the Water Nymph (aka Squid Lips)


One of my favourite characters to write very naughty and flirtaciuos. She has a huge crush on Veli much to his annoyance but she is certainly a tryer lol :) xx



Beau's best friend who received his colour and wings on the same day that Beau was supposed to. He's a blue "Music" fairy.  He sulks when Avery teases him too. He sneaks out of the palace to join Beau on her quest.

Penny the nutty tree


Penny is the only talking tree in Dahleigh? a lovable mumsy character who Geb is most pleased to meet as she loves junk and hangs it from her bare branches.

Ollibee the Elf


An elf who they meet with Kipsie(no drawing) KC's sister.  He is helping her find her little sister.  Strangely his parents are two merpeople who he absolutely adores.  A very baffling little Elf indeed!

Kullulu and Liban

Kullulu and Liban

The two Merpeople who are the parents of Ollibee.  They have the most romantic Love story in the whole of Dahleigh that soon explains (kind of) why Ollibee is an Elf.

Gadra the two sided Giant


A Giant that has two sides. One side is evil but is constantly asleep and the other is the lovliest most friendly giant you could ever wish to meet even if he does give Avery a little scare when they first meet.

Craggles The Not So Lucky Leprechaun


The now expanded group stumble across Craggles in a field of four leaf clovers but these aren't lucky for him.  He has a story in the childrens world (our world) as well as in Dahleigh?? Bertie knows him well!

T'sang Loubes (aka Loubes) The Dragon

T'sang Loubes

Known as Loubes for short is an all singing Dragon who is friends with Gadra. She loves to sing all the time and really is a friendly dragon. She is also the keeper of all Dahleighs treasures except one.



Tezla is a green nature fairy and is Chi's dad who goes off searching for portholes in Dahleigh while Chi stays with Beau at the palace as Chi's mum died when Chi was only a baby.  Tezla doesnt come in till book two (not giving too much away lol)  but is mentioned in book 1. 

So there you go a little look at Dahleigh through my eyes and i really hope you enjoyed this page.               As you can see there are still a few there i am yet to finish painting and when i have i will replace the pictures they are all part of my dining room table which i am painting as a Dahleigh inspired one of a kind place me and my family can eat.

My Dahleigh Inspired Dining Table (still lots to do on it but i will post another picture when it is finally complete)







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