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"The Jewel of Dahleigh Series"

The Quest .... book 1

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Nestled in a small quiet village called Hadleigh in Essex, lived a simple little family. A young boy and his sister. . They both lived with their mum in a tired little terraced house that was in total disrepair. Their mum totally doted on them and although she was struggling trying to cope on her own she never showed it. Every weekend she took them for a picnic come rain or shine to the local country park that was home to an old castle ruins. The children would go exploring while their mum sat in the same spot every week taking in every inch of the breath-taking scenery. This is where they all were today. A fine spring Saturday, the sun was shining and the birds were singing their spring songs. But little does this simple perfect family know that today would not be like every other Saturday they’d known, today was going to be the day that would change their lives forever and life as they knew it was never going to be the same again.

The Dark side .... Book 2

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She thrust her hands around each side of the jewel and clamped her eyes shut with fear.  This time it didn’t throw her away as it had done with Veli and Avery; instead, everything around them started spinning.  It was spinning so fast that everyone had to shut there eyes and with their eyes shut, they could still feel everything around them spinning faster and faster.  It felt like they were trapped in the middle of a tornado.

 Suddenly it stopped!  Hesitantly one by one everybody opened their eyes and looked around all of them baring the same stunned look on their faces.

 “What happened?”  Kipsie the eldest of the two pixies said still gripping one of Penny’s branches for dear life and looking around at what was once the centre of the maze and now looked completely different. 

"I don't know." Avery said as he climbed to his feet and looked around nervously. "But something tells me that we're not in Dahleigh anymore!"


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