Let me take you on a journey. Into my world. A world that has existed in my head since i was a little girl. A colourful world; full of magic, fairies and all kinds of mythical creatures. A world beyond your wildest dreams. 


Like most girls as i grew up this world became a distant memory, although it was still always there in the background, i just got on with life. I along the way had 2 children and it was one day when i took them for a day out at Longleat safari park that all of a sudden the world that had been locked in my head decided to burst free, i was so inspired that by the end of that day i had almost written a whole book in my head. I had previously mentioned to a dear friend of mine in her last days that i had once imagined this world i once wanted to write about and in her last days she made me promise that one day i would write my book. It wasn't until later that year and that trip to Longleat that i remembered that promise so when i got home i started writing and i couldn't stop. I even wrote to Lord Bath at Longleat explaining how much his estate had inspired me and asked if i could some how incorporate it into my story.  What happened next blew me away, not only did he agree but insisted i visited him back at Longleat. So i did, it was so surreal, me a humble single mum being a guest of Lord Bath. I went back and visited him another two times after this and each time i spent time sitting at the lake on the grounds writing a lot of my book.



Each character in my book is so dear to me as i based them all on my own friends and family and one of the characters i would say is my own alter ego. I made sure each and every one had its own quirky character and even included my own children into the book. I have since changed Lord Baths name in it and that of Longleat, not because he no longer gives me permission, on the contrary i know he would still love this but for my own reasons i chose to change it, however Lord Bath will still always remain the inspiration behind that character, and i will always cherish my times at Longleat. This book not only took me on a journey into Dahleigh but on a personal Journey of my own i will treasure always.


I tried to get the book published but at that time J.K Rowling was in the height of her career, great for her (she is a huge inspiration to me) but it wasn't great for us new writers trying to get noticed so i made the decision to put writing book two on hold and wait a few years to try and get published again. Well those few years turned into 8 years, life got busy, i started working as a dressed up fairy for a local childrens charity which i absolutely adored doing, seeing those children smile was worth its weight in gold, i also moved, home, had a child number 3 and this year got married. My little world of Dahleigh again was becoming a distant dream until one day recently when my new Husband who i had told so much about "The Jewel of Dahleigh", the Journey it had taken me on and my ideas for its future, asked if he could read it. I reluctantly let him but to my surprise (and believe me he would make a great critic) he absolutely loved it and suggested i try and get it published again. We looked into it and noticed that a lot of new writers were now using amazon as a self publishing platform so i thought hey why not.


So here i am today, now writing book 2 and tirelessly trying to market book one that is now available to buy worldwide. It has been the most amazing ride i have ever been on, even emotional at times. Looking back at how it all began ... wow! So now i will take you all into my own little world. Into Dahleigh, I just hope you love it as much as i do.







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